Monday, November 29, 2010

little circle lens update

I just ordered my very first pair of circle lenses today from They are the geo t-star and I am overly thrilled to receive them! (seriously though, they put STARS in your eyes.. litteral ones! Who wouldn't want that?!)

Hopefully these bad boys come in quickly because I'm already getting antsy with anticipation. Be on the look out for my review on them!

Quick little note: I do have light eyes (greenish in color) so if you were ever wondering what circle lenses look like on light eyes, stay tuned!


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Once Upon A Time..

My first post. I'm tongue tied and I'm blushing.* This feels almost like a first date.

As you may have read in my little disclaimer which is conveniently located on the side --->; I plan to do some product reviews for part of this blog for anyone interested enough to read. The rest of this blog will most likely be my ramblings. Perhaps purchases that I've made, paintings that are in the works, so on and so forth. For anything particular that you may be looking for, there is also a wonderful little search bar that you may (or may not?) find useful.


* these claims may be slightly exaggerating the situation. I was not blushing at all.