Thursday, April 14, 2011

Geo Xtra WT-A0 Hearts Series green

Sorry it took so long to do another review when I have a few perfectly new pairs of contacts that need reviewing done... organic chemistry decided to take over my life for a bit. But now that the test is out of the way, here is another much awaited circle lens review. This time I decided to review my geo xtra WT-A0 hearts in green. Lets stop mumbling on and get to the details, pictures, and review.


base curve: 8.7 mm
diameter: 15.0 mm
make: Geo Xtra WT-A0 Hearts Series
water content: 38%
prescription available: no


Full face, natural lighting (taken next to my glass door)

Outside lighting

Inside lighting with flash

Inside without flash under LED lighting


Looking up

Looking to the side


color/design: 5/5 The color of these contacts really blend in with my natural green. Plus I love the mini heart detailing. I think that these would not look as vibrant on dark eyes, although they would probably still be really pretty in a more subtle way. For me these are flipping gorgeous, I am a HUGE fan. These are my second favorite lenses so far, coming in right after the geo t-stars. LOVE.

comfort: 5/5 I was a little weary because at 15.0 mm diameter, these are pretty large. But so far Geo has really impressed me with their comfort. I can wear these for about 10 hours before they start to feel a tad dry. I am a happy girl.

enlargement: 5/5. HUGE. Seriously. They make my eyes look super dolly and I love it! They are so large they give even me a halo effect as you can see in the photographs.. and my eyes are not too small as it is. I will definitely consider getting 15.0 mm diameter again. :)

vendor: 5/5 I got these bad boys at So far I love this vendor. They are quick to get back to me when I have a question and so far I always get my contacts 1 week from when I order them, which is a good shipping time considering that shipping is free worldwide. I will continue to buy from them. Also, is having a sale for the month of April and all of their contacts are $15 a pair. hurray!

I think that is all I have to say. I took some more pictures of this pair in different circumstances.. let me know if they were helpful. Also would it be helpful if I made videos of my contacts? Maybe I will try that out next time and see how it goes.. Feel free to ask any questions of I left anything out!