Thursday, May 19, 2011

EOS G307 Gothic Turquoise

So now that the whole graduation thing is out of the way -(squeal!)-, I'm thinking that it is time for a new contact review!! Ok well the contacts aren't very new but as you may have noticed, I'm a little behind. At least this way I have had plenty of time with them so I can be more accurate with comfort and what have you. Let's get on with it.


base curve: 8.6
diameter: 14.5mm
make: EOS G307 Gothic
color: turquoise
water content: 38%
prescription available: plano only


Full Face:

Close up:

Actual Contact:

Inside, no flash:

Inside, with flash:

Outside, natural lighting:

Comparison (one in, one out):


color/design: 3/5. First off, the color is lovely. I only have a few complaints that keep me from wearing these all too often. First, they are clearly pixelated, which I'm not a fan of. I'm a little OCD so I don't really like that the limbal ring isn't a smooth circle (as you can see from the lens detail pictures). I also wish that the hole for my pupil was a little smaller. It may look wider because the yellow coloring in the middle blends so well with my own color, but I still wish the turquoise came in a little closer because the way is currently is, I don't think it change my eye color all too much. Rather, it more of just lightens and widens my limbal ring? I don't know.. it's hard to describe. Sorry I'm so particular. :/

comfort: 4/5. I am probably the only one but I just don't find EOS as comfortable as GEO's. And I seriously think I might be the only one because everyone else seems to prefer EOS so take my rating with a grain of salt. It isn't that they aren't comfy, they just aren't as comfy. I can wear these for about 4-5 hours before they start feeling uncomfortable (which I guess is actually all you are suppose to wear them for, so I can't complain tooooo much :P).

enlargement: 3/5. These lenses are 14.5mm, however I already have a dark limbal ring naturally and as you can see from the comparison photos, these actually lighten my limbal ring quite a bit. I think this fact may take away from the enlarging factor because I just don't feel like these are as enlarging as they should be.

vendor: 5/5. I got these lenses from and they were just lovely to deal with. My lenses came in about a week and a half coming from Canada which isn't really so bad considering it is international (although only barely, as I am in the US). They often have pretty good sales so make sure to check them out. :)

Well, thats about it for this review. More reviews to come very very soon! :D Please comment with comments, suggestions, questions, or just to say hi. And if you aren't already, please follow me for more reviews (or to just be awesome!).

Natural Eye Color

I am making this post to give you a basis for comparison when I make my circle lens reviews. My natural eye color is green with subtle hints of bluish and gets a little yellow in the middle.The following photo is a close up.

Well then there you have it.  Keep this in mind when reading my reviews as contacts will react with my coloring differently then they will on brown eyes. :)

Thats all for now,

Saturday, May 7, 2011


Small update so that you know I'm still alive! Right now I'm in finals mode so that is pretty much the reasoning for my absence. I still have quite a few of lens reviews to do so bare with me!

For my update, I'll share a picture of my and my boo that we took for our graduation announcements!

Yay!! In exactly one week from today I will be graduated from my undergraduate program! Another step completed towards the final goal! :D

Finals completed: 
Organic Chemistry
Cell Biology Part 1
Abnormal Child Psychology

Finals left to complete:
Cell Biology Part 2 
Greek and Latin Roots in Bioscientific Terminology
Ecology and Biological Sustainability

Almost done!! SOOOOOO CLOSE!

Till next time! /bye