Friday, March 25, 2011

I'm Seeing Stars

It's true that I put off doing a review of my lenses for quite some time. School fought to rule over my life for a bit of time and won the battle. Never the less, here they are. My geo t-star lenses:

Close up:

Actual Contact:

Comparison (one in, one out):

p.s. It would be beautiful if you could go ahead and ignore my face and focused on the eye color. ^-^

A little bit about these contacts:
base curve: 8.6
diameter: 14.0 mm
make: geo t-stars

Now that you have seen the picture and know the info, lets move on to the business of rating them.

Color/design: 5/5. Gorgeous. I seriously cannot fathom anyone not wanting stars in their eyes. The stars are bold and noticeable, however unless people are really looking at my eyes, they think the stars are just cool flecks in my natural eye color. I did not expect these to be natural looking, but apparently they can be. I know these are my first pair of lenses, but I already feel like they will be my favorite.

Comfort: 5/5 hands down. I cannot feel these bad boys in my eyes even many hours after they have been in. I have had them since November, so I've got a lot of chances to wear them. I can wear them all day and not feel discomfort. I usually throw in some eye drops if I wear them longer than 8 hours just to be on the safe side, but these contacts seriously rock. The only time I felt discomfort of any kind was because I fell asleep in them (which is very bad, don't do it).

Enlargement: 2/5. I was surprised that these gave any enlargement at all being only 14.0 mm in diameter. However the color is really close to the edge of the contact and the darker limbal ring stands out against my light eyes causing my iris' to look slightly larger. The lack of enlargement doesn't bother me really because the point was the stars and that is what I got. :)

Vendor: 5/5 As I mentioned in my previous post, I bought these contacts from I was a touch worried because after I placed my order, I read about some people having problems with this site. I'm not sure if these issues were old and have since been resolved or if I am just a lucky one because I had a great experience with this seller. The price is amazing!! ($20 per pair plus free shipping) and I got my contacts a week after I ordered them. I contacted them a couple of times just to ensure good communication and they always got back to me. So overall no complaints about the vendor!

I'll edit this with better photos, but if you have any other questions please feel free to leave them in the comments!

-Amanda Lashelle

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