Monday, March 28, 2011

EOS Super Neon G209 Pink

Like I promised, I have a few contacts that need reviewing in my possession. I like to be able to wear the contacts for at least a few days so I can better assess comfort and such. Because of this, I will not be able to do all the reviews for my new contacts all at once . First here are the EOS super neon G209 pink.


base curve: 8.8
diameter: 14.5 mm
make: EOS super neon
water content: 38%


The vials:

Full face:

Close up:

The actual lens:

With flash:

No flash:

Comparison (one in, one out):

And for the ratings..

Color/design: 4/5. The pattern of the super neon's is really pretty I think. However if you are looking for a natural looking lens, this is not for you. The black, thick limbal ring would make it hard this contact to look natural even if you got them in a natural color. Seeing as natural wasn't what I was going for, it works out. The contact is really opaque, which is what I was looking for because I didn't want my green to show though and distort the pink. However, I was thinking that these would be a brighter pink. Instead, they are more of a baby pink and in some lightings they can look like a really light pretty brown. That is ok, and I still like them, they do not look freakish or anything. They are very girly which I like because I'm extremely girly. :) Of course in the sun my pupil shrinks up pretty small and so you can see my green through the middle. This is not very noticeable unless you are gazing closely into my eyes and plus I mostly wear circle lenses when going out, which is at night and my pupil is large enough to fill the hole. So, overall not an issue.

Comfort: 4/5. They aren't uncomfortable per say, but just not as comfy as my geo's. It might be because these are a little larger, but I find that I have to apply drops to my eyes about 4 hours into wearing these things. I guess that isn't so bad, and like I said my eyes may just need a bit more time to get use to them. So a little drying, but overall comfy.

Enlargement: 4/5. These suckers are pretty big. Of course I don't have much bases from comparison, but they cover a good amount of my eye and the black limbal ring really makes them pop. If it makes it easier to see the enlarging effect, I will post a photo of my eyes with one contact in and one out. Let me know if this would help in the comments!

Vendor: 5/5 This is my second time ordering from and they are still flawless. :)

Also please leave any other suggestions, remarks, opinions, etc in the comments.

I hope you find my review useful! :)

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