Saturday, July 30, 2011

Geo Princess Mimi Bambi Series in Sesame Grey

Sorry for being so MIA recently! I have a friend in town and I'm trying to study for my MCAT which I take in September, so I haven't had a good cam-whoring day. I did take photos of my princess mimi's a while ago, but I had forgotten to take a full face photograph so I never posted my review. I would take a full face photograph now, only I had a hair coloring incident yesterday (trying to dye it my natural color to cover up the sun bleached ends, only my friend accidentally grabbed blonde hair dye.. it's no good.) so I'll have to post that part of the review later.

For now here is the review with no full face shot just yet.
Full face shot included! My hair isn't totally fixed, but it is better ^-^


base curve: 8.7
diameter: 15mm
make: Geo Princess Mimi Bambi Series
color: Sesame grey
water content: 38%
duration: 1 year
prescription available: -0.00 to -8.00 (in 0.25 increases)


Full face

Close up

Actual lens

Natural lighting

With flash

Without flash

Comparison (one in, one out)

Halo effect


color/design: 4/5 The color of these are really nice, I only have one issue with them for me. The middle color blends in so much with my natural eye color, you can barely tell that it is there thus making the pupil hole seem larger then it is. From a distance, these make my eyes look like a greyish-green color. On the super plus side, I LOVE the design of the limbal ring and how it spikes inward. These would look really lovely on brown or even light blue eyes.

comfort: 5/5 So far, geo lenses have yet to fail me. Love the comfort on these things!

enlargement: 5/5 In my experience, geo lenses tend to print the color of the lenses right up to the edge (as you can see from the photo of the actual lens) in order to get maximum enlargement. They are just huge! Which I happen to love. ^-^

vendor: 5/5 I ordered these from for a fabulous price. They still have free shipping on these as well and they are in stock in their USA warehouse. It took the lenses 2 days to get to me which it the fastest shipping time that I have experienced so far.


  1. :DDDDDDDDDDDD Pshhh- I will NEVER tire of seeing people review these babies. <33

    And you're right-- that blending tone in the middle REALLY blends right in with your natural colour. Like... disappears into it. Haha.

    Glad you like these so much, too~.

  2. your eyes are gorgeous ;)
    very cute, tnx 4 da review

  3. @ Noxin haha it seriously does disappear.. not just in photographs. When I first put them on I just thought they just didn't cover much and I totally forgot about the inner color. But alas, it just turns out that my natural eye color gobbles the middle color up. meh.. oh well they are still pretty. It does have me quite curious about the original 14.2mm ones tho because I just love the limbal ring!

    @ Zari Thank you so much! ^-^

  4. I'm super late, but this lens is gorgeous on you!

    I actually found your blog while searching through one of the circle lens Photobuckets (either Soompi or Gaia; can't remember), but I did a double take at how beautiful and natural these lashes look on you. Would you mind sharing which ones they are (presuming they're strip lashes)?