Thursday, August 18, 2011

EOS Super Neon G209 Violet

Time for a seriously over due lens review! This was one of the first pair I bought and actually they only have a few more months of life so I figure that I better get this done before they are done for. 


base curve: 8.8
diameter: 14.5mm
make: EOS Super Neon G209
color: Violet
water content: 38%
duration: 1 year
prescription available: limited prescription available


Full face

Close up

Natural lighting

With flash

Without flash

Comparison (one in, one out)


color/design: 4/5 Like my problem with the super neon pinks, I wish that these blended in the middle better so there isn't that stark contrast between my green and the contact color.  Still, the pupil hole is small enough that it isn't that big of a deal and my pupil is usually large enough to fill it out pretty well. If you have brown eyes, this obviously won't be a problem for you.  I just love the design of these and this is such a pretty dark purple, I only wish they blended better in the middle. Under night time conditions, these almost look black which I absolutely love!

comfort: 4/5 Also the same as my pinks. Comfy, but not quite as much as geo for me. This is different for everyone so don't base your purchase choices on my opinion. Many people think that EOS are much more comfortable then geo's, but as I said.. everyone is different. I contemplate on not even rating this section.

enlargement: 4/5 Again same as my pinks. Nice enlargement. No where near my 15mm's, but I don't want that big all the time and so these are a nice middle ground.

vendor: 5/5 Got these babies from They are a lovely and trustworthy company. She also has a lot of hard to find lenses, so I'm sure that I will find myself back in her shop. ^-^ 


In other news, a close friend came to visit me for a large portion of the summer and I painted her nails really cute! (With a hello kitty!) so I wanted to share an example photograph of that:

crackle with purple glitter underneath and kitty with purple glitter bow

kitty up close

And I painted my own nails to look like strawberries

Sadly by the time I thought to take a photo of my nails, they had already begun chipping. Soooo try to not pay attention to that. ^-^ Anyway I'm to go study some more like the super nerd that I am! Ciao!


  1. Strawberry nails. STRAWBERRY NAILS.


    Ehmh. Besides that, though, I really do like how the Super Neon series blends out on light eyes-- even if a bit bluntly. It's just so bold and pretty. <33 I'm glad you like the colour at least~.

  2. Glad to read your excitement lol ^-^ I've done them before, but I just never thought to post any photos. I was mostly just bored and figured why not lol

    The super neons are really quite blunt, so I generally reserve them for the evening when my pupils can fill it out so you can't see my green underneath. But these really do look almost black at night so while it gives me a really dolly look, it isn't so much purple. But omg Nox, I just got my super pinky violets in and I am so in love! I'll review those soon so keep an eye out! ^-^