Friday, August 26, 2011

Geo Mimi Cafe in Macchiato Brown

My MCAT date is looming near and while I should be studying right now, my brain is about to explode so instead here is a review for you! ^-^


base curve: 8.6
diameter: 15mm
make: Geo Mimi Cafe
color: Macchiato Brown
water content: 38%
duration: 1 year
prescription available: yes from -0.75 to -6.00 increasing by 0.25 increments. 

The vials

Full face

Close up

Actual lens

Natural lighting

With flash

Without flash

Comparison (one in, one out)

Halo effect


color/design: 5/5 What can I say? If I could give these a 100/5 for color and design, I would. These are my first pair of brown lenses and they give me the most lovely, big brown puppy dog eye look.  I love that the limbal ring is a dark brown instead of a harsh black and I love love LOVE the pattern. I was afraid that the pattern wasn't going to show up well like many reviews that I've seen, but I was wrong. The pattern shows up perfectly and it is just sooooo gorgeous! Plus the way the swirls blend in with my natural color, it looks like it is suppose to be that way in person so hurray! Soo to sum it up I'm totally in love with these lenses. ^-^

comfort: 4.5/5 Usually geo's are my go to for comfortable lenses. These are relatively comfortable, but dry out in about 4-5 hours, where usually I can keep geo's in all day with no problem at all. I docked .5 points for this, but really it isn't so bad. Throw some eye drops in and I'm good to go. 

enlargement: 5/5 These lenses have 3 things going for them in terms of enlargement. 1) They are these geo's, which are known for printing the color super close to the edge 2) They are 15mm diameter, so thats an obvious factor  and 3) They are also a dark color (dark for me anyway) so they pack some serious enlarging power! I absolutely love it! ^-^

vendor: 5/5 I purchased these from and I really highly recommend them! They have a decent variety of lenses for very reasonable prices and the owner is very sweet and a pleasure to deal with. I ordered $100 worth of stuff so I was eligible for the free express shipping, which was super fast! It took just 4 days to get to me in the US and coming from Malasia, that is pretty darn good shipping time.  I also got a free contact lens travel case with my purchase which included an extra case, a mini bottle for solution, tweezers, and a contact spoon. Here are a few photos of my stuff:

The whole order. The lenses are neatly packaged inside of the boxes. Each lens also came with a free animal case.

Instructions for contact insertion and case printed on the back of each box.

The free gift! Hello Kitty!!

Well thats all for now! Time for me to get the ball rolling again on studying. After September 10th (test date) I am determined to have a life again! ^-^ Ciao!


  1. I really want to try this lens, look so natural :D

  2. I really do recommend trying them out.. the color is gorgeous and the design is so cute! They can be a little big at 15mm, but I saw that you also have the geo xtra WT-A0 hearts (I was blog stalking you.. you are adorable! ^-^) and they didn't look too big on you so you should be fine. ^-^

  3. that pattern is so unique! I've never seen anything like it on circle lenses. Are your natural eyes green? The colour of the lenses looks gorgeous against them! :)

  4. Thank you very much! ^-^ Yes my natural eye color is green, which you can see in the middle of the lens, specifically in the close up. I think that the swirls in the middle really help to blend in the green so it doesn't look weird or anything. However, my roommate (who has brown eyes) also bought a pair and they look really pretty on him too so I think these work with pretty much any eye color. ^-^

  5. Thank you for your question. I bought these lenses at They are a lovely company to deal with. If you have any other questions please feel free to ask. ^_^

  6. ok..tq for answer it...
    i'm from Malaysia, I like the box of that contact lens.. how much price you buy it each one?

  7. Right now has them on sale for $19.12 USD. That includes 2 lenses (so 1 pair).

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  9. Kok aq malah tertarik ma maskara nya yah,cantik sekali.. hhe.. Boleh tau pake maskara merk apa sist?

  10. Jenama maskara yang saya gunakan paling kerap volumous Loreal. ^-^