Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dueba Big DM23 / Kirakira in Pink

Ok lovelies, I'm going to Jamica with my man today and won't be back until the 19th, so that means no internet access till then. But no worries.. I will leave you guys with a lens review and I will come back with photos! So I will see you in a week, and on to the review!


base curve: 8.6
diameter: 14.5mm
make: Dueba Big DM23 (kirakira)
color: pink
water content: 38%
duration: 1 year
prescription available: Yes, from -1.00 to -7.50 in -.25 increments

The vials

Full face

Close up

Actual lens

Natural lighting

With flash

Without flash

Comparison (one in, one out)

Halo effect (or lack there of)


color/design: 4/5 If only the color went closer to the pupil, then these would be just really lovely! I do still like them though. From a distance, they look like a greyish pink. So far these are the only pink lenses that blend in quite well with my natural green. The limbal ring is also pretty thick and I would prefer is to be slightly thinner, but it isn't too bad. The limbal ring does prevent any sort of halo effect, as you can see above.

comfort: 4.5/5 These are pretty good comfort wise. Can't really feel them in at all and I can wear them for about 4 hours before I throw in some eye drops. 

enlargement: 4.5/5 These enlarge pretty well for 14.5mm. They would probably enlarge perfectly for most, but I've been spoiled with 15mm lenses. ^-^

vendor: 5/5 As said in the previous review for the macchiatos, honeycolor was a lovely company to deal with and I would definitely recommend them.


  1. Ooohh! You'll have to tell us where all in Jamaica you went! (As an islander, I'm always intensely curious to see where folks vacation, as whenever I go back, it's usually to hang out w/ family-- not so much 'vacation'. Haha.)

    Anywaayyy,this pink looks LOVELY on you! I really like how the colour blends with your natural eye colour. o: It's very interesting....

    and oh man, I know you're spoiled by the 15 mm lenses, but these babies look REALLY enlarging to me, for some reason.

  2. I'm baaaccckkkk! And hey, visiting family in Jamaica is still vacation! ^-^ I went to Montego Bay and stayed at this all inclusive resort.. dunno if you've heard of it but it is the Iberostar rose hall suites. It was lovely! This is the 2nd times I've been to Jamaica.. it is one of my favorite places to go. ^-^

    Pink lenses are the bane of my existence. I'm so determined to find one that I love, but I would probably say that these are the best so far. Pink is just such a weird combination with green.. I may have to break down and get ome dollyeye pinks so the pupil hole is small and my natural color no longer is an issue.

    They really are enlarging! But I think a lot of that is the super thick black limbal ring more so than the actual size. I'm really not complaining tho because sometimes I don't want my lenses to be super-omg-enlarging. Gotta mix it up ^-^